What are we

Meem Academy seeks to contribute to the character and spiritual development of our children and young generation. We have several programs that are targeted towards teenagers and kids.

  • A worldwide program for teenagers and kids above the age of at least 11 - Taught online
  • An in-campus program for young kids (6-10 years) - Taught in Lahore


What is our objective?

Our objective is character and spiritual development of our kids. What that means is that we focus on developing the heart, we focus on building the character within, so that our children grow up to be not just Muslims in name and appearance, but Muslims in reality. They should learn to love our beloved Prophet (ﷺ), they should learn to love our Kind and All-Merciful Allah, and they should learn to be a source of comfort and peace to the entire humanity, to the planet, to everyone and everything.



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Why is MEEM Important?

Because our beloved Master said “I have been sent to perfect good character.” Good character is the foundation of being a good Muslim. It is the foundation upon which everything is based. Our kids need to learn humility, they need to be patient, they must learn to be grateful for the blessings that they have been given, they must learn kindness and forgiveness, they must learn the beautiful Sunnah of our beloved Master, they must learn to empathize, they must learn the values of courage and generosity, of love and peace.


Benefits of good character for kids Academic and professional careers?

A good character is a moral and spiritual obligation and needs to be cultivated in our children regardless of any other consideration. However, it is a manifestation of the Infinite Divine Wisdom that the good character we are asked to build in our children does not only have spiritual benefits but also clear benefits for our children’s academic and professional careers. For instance, humility leads kids to work hard, to show respect to others, to win friends and build lasting relationships; persistence can push our kids to never give up, to try over and over again; patience and self-control leads kids to delay immediate gratification and work towards bigger goals; gratitude makes kids appreciate the blessings of Allah, and also encourages them to be thankful to all the people who make our everyday lives possible; kindness leads to love and appreciation of each other and makes a truly peaceful global society possible; forgiveness not only relieves our children of the burden they carry in themselves against other people, but brings people closer to them and engenders goodwill.

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