What is our Inspiration?

We are so blessed that we have the words of our beloved Master ,ﷺ as advice and guidance for how we should build our children’s character. Tabarāni narrates on the authority of Syedna Ali, May Allah be pleased with him, that the Prophet ﷺ said:

أدبوا أولادكم على ثلاث خصال حب نبيكم وحب أهل بيته وعلى ي ظل الله يوم لا ظل إلا ظله مع قراءة القرآن فان حملة القرآن ف أنبيائه وأصفيائه "Teach your children three qualities: Love of your Prophet; Love of his family and the recitation of the Quran. Verily the learned of the Quran will be with the Prophets and the pious in the shade of Allah’s mercy on The Day when there will be no shade but His."



What is our Focus?

We want our kids to have a personal relationship with Allah (SWT), we want them to have an emotional bond with our beloved Master ﷺ, we want them to be a source of love and peace for the humanity, we want them to respect the environment and our planet, we want them to be responsible and law abiding citizens of the world who have a healthy and successful worldly and spiritual life.


What do we teach? Online Program (11+ years)

The Online Program is a 3 year program, and is divided into several phases. Broadly speaking there are two main pillars of the Meem Online curriculum:

  • Knowledge and Love
  • Application & Coaching


Knowledge and Love

We start with covering the beautiful life story of our beloved Master, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ , with an emphasis on the emotions, helping students understand the immense sacrifices and challenges that our beloved Master faced in spreading the Message of Allah (SWT); this helps students develop a personal and emotional bond with the Prophet. We then discuss purification of the heart. What is our spiritual heart? What are some of its diseases like envy, greed, anger, jealousy, arrogance etc.? How do we cleanse our heart? We briefly cover some of the traditional works of Islamic spirituality, customized to fit the needs and understanding of children. We then look at the life stories of the blessed companions of our beloved Master ﷺ and their love for the Prophet. The final stage of the Program focuses on understanding certain sections from the Blessed Quran, so that children get a taste of the sweetness of Quran, of its Infinite Wisdom, and of the joy in reciting and understanding the Quran.


Application & Coaching

This section is meant to let children think through practical challenges and examples in life which involve ethical and moral dilemmas; this section also covers necessary life skills that we need to develop in our children, and provides coaching and mentoring that is needed to succeed in this life and the next. This is done through various techniques such as case studies (situation analysis), discussion of literature and important themes etc


What do we teach? In-Campus Program

The In-Campus Program is a 2 year foundational course for kids of a younger age group. It is only available in Lahore (Pakistan) at the moment. The course entails reading a series of books that deal with moral and character training for younger children, in addition to introducing young kids to Quran, Islamic etiquette and manners, essentials of worship such as prayer and the duas recommended by our beloved Prophet .ﷺ The purpose of the course is to lay the groundwork for the Online 3 Year Program of Meem Academy that seeks to deepen the spirituality of children and polish their character.

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